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Soulshaker: Music of Soulshaker

Woman O Woman

November 23, 2017
Mark Campbell

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Classic Rock Covers / Hits

Led Zeppelin Covers

Beatles Salute

Humble Pie Tribute

Bad Company - Free - Paul Rodgers Tribute

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Tribute

on the Radio

Blueseum of Fine Art 0n KLBJ FM : Rainy Nights

June 15, 2006
The show's Hosts : John Peyton and Chris Jagger - Song : Rainy Nights (c) 2003 Mark Campbell

Original Music Songlist

Original Songlist

April 16, 2013
(c) Mark E. Campbell

from Straight Ahead Human (2004)

Blues Originals

Private Party Songlist

PARTY / CLUB Songlist

January, 2015

Trapeze : a tribute

Deep Purple - Salute

Soulshaker ( 1989 release)

Mark Campbell / Soulshaker CD , 1998

Mark Campbell - solo works

Archive Recordings

Lo - Fi Section - Slow Bandwidth ( originals , covers )

Atlantis - Tribute

Atlantis Salute Songlist :

Not active at this time , but as far as songs we would do , they would all be FUNKY .

Living at the end of Time

Inga Rumpf /J.J.Kravetz /Frank Diez