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Soulshaker: News / Aktuelles

New Single : Little Black Dress - January 26, 2017

Little Black Dress was released in the twilight of the old year .

Thanks for buying the download . Every dollar spent on our recordings

goes back into chasing more dollars .

New Single " Play Guitar " by Mark Campbell (solo) - September 19, 2014  Listen to the whole song here . Play Guitar is the first single from the new CD , soon to be released . A musico-autobiographical effort . Tabber Millard on Drums .

New Single 'Everybody's got a Game' at - June 10, 2014'cd'soulshaker3   download  $.99 .

New Single : Keridwena ... and Happy New Year 2014 - December 28, 2013

Our new Single , 'Keridwena' is available at CD baby for $oo.99 download .

Cease and Desist : Soulshaker Trademarked by Mark Campbell - December 8, 2013

    Soulshaker is TM ( Trademark for the sale and distribution of recorded materials) and SM ( Servicemark for Live Performance ) in the USA . I have successfully 'Cease and Desisted' three other bands to this date , who were using the name Soulshaker in the USA . I have shown responsibility in doing so . If you have made the choice of using this name , please be advised that you will be making a better choice by choosing another band name .

   I don't mean to sound harsh about it ; we are all Musicians and all deserving of respect . I don't like conflict with other musicians , good vibes are our business  . Please consider this as brotherly advice . Thanks for the Respect , if in fact you have any  .

After successfully using the name far many years , I trademarked the name in 1996 . If you are using the name and gain some progress in the industry , consider what an embarrassment it would be to have to explain to a record label and management that you can no longer use the name after knowing that you would face a possible lawsuit over the use of the name . Get creative , there are still plenty of ideas for good band names .   MC

Humble Pie Tribute - June 11, 2013

rehearsal # 1 down . cole , salmon and campbell . siebert on drums alternatively .

rehearsal # 2 : cole , siebert , campbell . September 20th , 2013

update June 2014 : Currently including a pocket of the tribute show within the live sets .Working it in naturally .

Welcoming Selton Cole on Bass - February 2, 2013

Welcoming Selton Cole on Bass back to the stage with us at the end of January and the beginning of February . Selton has played with greats like Eric Gales , The Gales Brothers as well as Austin favorites Dysfunktion Junction , A.J. Vallejo , Cherry Bombs , Jake Andrews , Brother Magnum and many others . His solid grooves can be heard on Soulshaker recordings 'Keridwena' and 'Everybody's got a Game' to be released in 2013 . Currently playing in the Facebook / reverbnation Soulshaker page , as well on this website's Music section . And 'If You Let Her Know' all sessions with Michael Hale on Drums . One of the great musicicans and live performers of our time .  

Roll Lucky 13 - January 5, 2013

We hope this New Year brings you all the opportunities that you could ever hope for ; in another scenario , may the doors you delight open have no dobermans on the other side . Go get , no regret .



February update : All Aces .

Saxon Pub Sundays late show - April 4, 2012

Late Show at the Saxon Pub . It's the Midnight Sessions of Soulshaker . Next show April 8th , Sunday at 12:30 , after midnight .

Welcome to Austin , Texas SXSW . - March 18, 2012

For a portion of the free world to descend upon us is no small task to contend with , but our fair city officials and residents do so with such class and dignity . We love the energy that it brings from musicians and industry professions from all points . South by Southwest forever .

Soulshaker and a Beetle - March 17, 2012

Poodie's Hilltop in Spicewod , 3/15/1012 . In Texas we have bars that have names like that . A Beetle walked onstage , so I knelt down and petted it on the back . It felt like plastic . Spaceeba !

New Sessions in 2012 - January 26, 2012

The new song that we just did is so good that it's rediculous . Everybody's got a Game , to be released soon . The Bass of Mr. Cole , and Drums of Mr. Hale . That's three so far from this lineup . David Dickenson recorded us at top industry Boilerroom Studios in Austin , Texas .

New Mark "Mach" Campbell solo CD is done ! Release date to be announced . - March 25, 2011

December 15th , if it's done right ! Eleven songs that have survived my scrutiny , and it's a solid one ! make it twelve !

*Probably going to hold off on it's release until after the Soulshaker CD is launched .* ( January 26th)

Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terranova in Austin . Musicians featured : Ginger Doss ,Tabber Millard , Mike Rieman , Coy Fuller , Mark Salmon . More info soon .

New Bookings for 2011 in process - February 28, 2011

Watch the calendar Dates section for new bookings and sign up if you like , to our mailing list . We won't share your address or send many emails . Thanks .

New song added to music section - "Keridwena" - January 22, 2011

The song 'Keridwena' tells of the history of Merlin (Mjrddjn) and the so- called Lady of the Lake . "The lightning weapon that I gave away" refers to the light-beam weapon that became an instrument of might for the war-clan leader , Artus ( Arthur).

Bassist Mike Rieman and Guitarist Mark Campbell working in recording session for major producer - August 23, 2010

This time a country song for a breakout artist . More info later . Selton Cole and Michael Hale have also cut another song with Mark for the same producer .

New recording at Boilerroom Studios , Austin , Texas . - April 19, 2010

David Dickinson , engineer , made us feel comortable and relaxed as Michael Hale , Drums and Selton Cole , Bass ,and myself , Mark Campbell laid down tracks for a new song for the new CD , an October 2010 release , and it sounds FAT . Boilerroom is our new studio of preference . David is a real natural in his role as recording engineer . Thanks for making a difference , David.

Soulshaker Welcomes SXSW 2010 - March 17, 2010

Welcome to Austin , musicphiles and media types ...... South by Southwest 2010 . See you around town !

Soulshaker 1978 Single 45 RPM on eBay ?? - February 14, 2010

Not that it hasn't happened before , but I thought it was worthy to mention that we have entered the designation as collectible , offically . There were two 45's from the 70's , one from the 80's , all short runs , very rare . A happy buyer emailed me to see if he could get another copy , because he had worn it out . He plays it for his friends , and they all are now looking for copies . This is how anthologies are made ; demand creates compilations . The news is good , because there is plenty material for volumes 1 , 2 and 3 , not to mention my solo work . woo hoo .

Mark Campbell

Happy New Year 2010 - December 30, 2009

It couldn't have come at a better time ; we were running out of year , and a new one came to the rescue , just in time .
May the New Year be the best one yet .

2010 , so iconically even ; new millenia , new decade .

Welcoming Drummer Michael Hale and Keyboardist Billy Young to the stage. - December 20, 2009

Michael Hale plays with so many artists in the Austin area , Afrofreque , Dan Dyer , Bustamovalators , Dirty Worms . He brings great hip-hop stylings to the rythmn section . Billy Young is a seasoned veteran of the music scene and a solo artist/singer of his own .

Both talents lend their skills to the stage and studio of Soulshaker .


New Audio Tracks added September 2009 - September 21, 2009

Two new songs , Any Fule Kno That by Deep Purple , our version recorded in 1999 , and Living at the end of Time by Atlantis , which we recorded in 1991 . It's a real futuristic DEF CON 4 boogie .

JoJo Salmon - August 30, 2009

Sadly , drummer Mark Salmon's dog of 15 years passed away yesterday . That was one sweet dog .
Kind condolences to his family .

Added new songs to 'New Tracks . New Album' ( due 2010 ) - August 30, 2009

Just added 'Captain of the Sea' , the song I wrote about Captain Nemo . That makes 4 tracks online to preview the next Cd ,. more to come in the new year. Stay posted for updates .

SXSW unnoficial South by Southwest venue Iron Cactus North Austin Tx. - March 14, 2009

SXSW unnoficial South by Southwest venue, Iron Cactus North Austin Tx.
10 pm on Thursday , March 19th . Mark Campbell represents the band
" a solo " ( that's Italian , ya'll ) with good rockin' till 1pm .
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