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  1. Keridwena

From the recording Keridwena


Keridwena was known by other names . She gave Merlin the Druid a light-beam weapon ( which became known as Excalibur) that ended up in the possesion of Arthur , which only enforced his might in the land , and ensured his legend . This song , inspired by the true historical account by the Jschwjsch Ptaah of his great aunt , Keridwena , known in legend lore as the ' Lady of the Lake '.Thanks to Billy Eduard Albert Meier and F.I.G.U for bringing this history back to Earth in 2010 .
Recorded and mixed at Boilerroom Studios in Austin, Texas by David Dickenson , whose Neve board mix is like nothing else we've heard before .
Selton Cole , Bass.
Michael Hale , Drums.