From the recording MagicCarpetRide ( Steppenwolf)

Steppenwolf really HAS a magic sound .
No matter how good you could sing, you couldn't hit it like John Kay . The Hammond B3 sound was hard enough to come by , but once you got your hands on one , could you just roll out those whirling tones ? No . Several early guitarists had tones that you could only dial up with those guitars and amps. Hollow body Gibson was one . The intro to Magic Carpet Ride , who knows how that was done ? The band uses a recording of that when they perform their magic onstage these days . Remarkably unique arrangements , the jet stream of creativity and never a more fitting name , because they still "howl at the moon" today .
Back in their original heyday when they were the chart topping band , they were the sound of the day . When I hear those songs I really do think of my first kiss and well , some other stuff . That's how essential this music is to my consciousness .... ( MC )