From the recording Way back to the bone

Mark Salmon : Drums. Selton Cole : Bass : Mark Campbell : Guitar / Vocal .....
in July 2007 .


Trapeze was one of those bands that made such an impression on us , way back when , like JoJo Gunne and Humble Pie , didn't see as much success as others who still tour to this day . But THIS , well , this is true talent and the core of our musical influences . Glenn Hughes releases at least a CD each year currently . Mel Galley , although no longer with us , remains a lifelong inspiration . For us , this music helps us stay connected to the reason that we started playing in the first place . Incidentally , I've met with Rob Kendrick , of the "Hotwire" lineup , in Austin 1997 , and had the pleasure of hearing his great acoustic originals in the company of friends .